I need to catch up on mah One Piece

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Play More Video Games! by Luíza Duarte

"Love conquers all."

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"I enjoy controlled loneliness. I like wandering around the city alone. I’m not afraid of coming back to an empty flat and lying down in an empty bed. I’m afraid of having no one to miss, of having no one to love."

- Kuba Wojewodzki, Polish journalist and comedian (via dysenterygay)

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Little boy discovers he is a wizard

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A survivor is born

I’ve only played a few hours of this game since I got it a few days ago, but it’s already one of my favorite games.  EASILY a game of the year.  idk why I waited to buy it so long but well worth the money.

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And I’m turning 23 tomorrow! Woot


This is the best gif you’ll ever see

So it appears I won’t be working this summer like I was hoping. Idk what to do… Should I just enjoy time off or work on finding another full time job and move? Hrupmh